What I do
From thirty-second commercials to 30 minute documentary features, I have created several films as promotional pieces, personal profiles or "pure" documentaries.

Building upon my advertising background, I can offer a unique new way to use the documentary as a promotional tool.

I also work as a director for 'traditional' advertising and as a consultant to companies wishing to make the most of their visual identity.
I work with state of the art hardware and software, including:

Canon 5D and 7D High Definition DSLR Cameras.

Sony NX Cameras.

High-speed Mac editing workstations running Adobe CS6 and Final Cut Pro.

Lighting rigs.

Professional audio recording and editing tools.

From concept creation to full service production and execution, I offer a wide range of services to maximise the impact working with film can have for you and your company:

  • Short or feature length documentaries.
  • Advertorials.
  • Brand profiles / idents.
  • Corporate films.
  • Event filming.
  • Editing / Montage.
  • Sound design.

For more information and to contact me directly with your inquiry, please click here.