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I have over ten years of experience working for advertising agencies and marketing companies from Düsseldorf to Detroit.
Yet I'm more than just an advertising creative. I have two master's degrees, one in Documentary Film and one in Propaganda & Persuasion, which is quite indicative of my interests and ability to create both real, authentic stories and well-crafted, persuasive advertising.

I’m originally from Canada but have lived in Europe for most of my life. I speak German and French fluently and have used my language skills to create relevant, targeted communication that works well in any market. I have also worked as a translator, specialising in localised adaptations.

The Documentary as Advertising

My passion lies in film. Regardless of whether it’s a thirty-second commercial or two-hour feature, I’m fascinated by the power of the moving image to tell stories and communicate emotion. Which probably explains why I’ve done so many commercials over the course of my career.

But I specialise in a slightly different form of marketing communication: the documentary advertisement. The documentary film is unique in its ability to convey a sense of truth and authenticity – two elements often missing from 'traditional' adverts. Add to that the fact that long-form documentary films are ideal ways to tell engaging and complex stories.

Using the documentary as a promotional tool is a perfect way to get your consumers and clients to get to know you – your way of thinking, your unique history and passion.

In short: a documentary will tell your clients who you are. And your clients would surely rather do business with someone they knew well. Wouldn’t you?

My Services & Approach

If you're interested in discussing the potential of working with documentary, please
get in touch.

I offer a wide variety of services, from conceptualisation to full film production.

If you're looking for a strategic and conceptual multilingual copywriter, then I can help as well.

I take an integrated approach to advertising and can work across platforms in all media to create targeted, relevant and engaging concepts and copy.