Nineteen Miles - The story of the Eagle Jaguar E-type

Work on this documentary began with a simple premise: I wanted to make a car film for people who are not interested in cars.

Nineteen Miles was created in collaboration with Eagle E-types in East Sussex. Eagle are experts in the restoration of Jaguar E-types to the level of actually 'remanufacturing' the car, making it effectively as good as a zero-mile example with updated modern technology.

This film is a perfect example of what I mean when I talk about using the documentary for promotion. The focus is very clearly on the human element and the stories of the drivers, owners and creators. This is obviously very different from a simple product film, which would come across as pure advertising with its focus on selling and persuasion.

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What makes Eagle's work interesting is the way these cars make people feel. An E-type is much more than a modern supercar like a Ferrari or Lamborghini (which can cause people to react with spite or jealousy). An E-type is a timeless classic that seems to hold a special place in people's hearts (especially in the UK).

Or as long-time Eagle E-type owner John Mclaren puts it: "an E-type makes you feel like a rock star."

For most people, a car is just a tool to get from A to B. For the average driver, it should provide comfort, safety and affordability. But for the dedicated enthusiast the words “passion” and “pleasure” are missing from that list.

“Nineteen Miles” is a personal journey and a story about fulfillment. From the father and daughter who traveled the world in search of the perfect car for a trip across America, to the individualistic novelist who takes pleasure in using his E-type to underscore his self image and the craftsmen who dedicate their lives to creating the ultimate driving experience.

This is the story of the Eagle Jaguar E-type.
A car that only gets you from A to B doesn't go far enough.
Ferry Porsche
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