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jack zeniewski

Writer & Filmmaker





I write fully bilingually in English and in German. From poster headlines and print ads to long copy, brochures and websites, I've got the range, ability and experience to handle any advertising copy project. I write - and rewrite - until it's right.

Film Production 

I've created TV commercials with Hollywood directors and made promotional films for small businesses for social media. I've made documentaries and documercials for major brands. My YouTube channel has millions of views and thousands of subscribers - see for yourself.

I do voice over work for TV and radio commercials, as well as corporate films, explainers, technical films & more.

Social Media & Content Marketing

I write to engage and create concepts that stand out. From Instagram posts to Facebook and Linkedin content, I leverage the power of social media to build you brand, increase your audience and keep you relevant - constantly & consistently. 


I give back control to my clients when it comes to their web presence. In addition to creating and designing sites, I help my clients learn how to make changes themselves, allowing them to save money and work more effectively. Ask me more about this unique educational service.


I don't translate, I do adaptations. It's a small distinction that makes a big difference. Instead of literally formulated material that can read as if Google has translated it, you get properly crafted copy from a writer. And your clients will be sure it was written by a native speaker, with all the nuance and meaning contained in the original. 

Journalism & PR

I conduct interviews, engage in research and devise concepts for corporate literature. From annual reports and shareholder statements to white papers, employee magazines or customer features, I write corporate copy to the highest international standards and offer a complete package, including layout and publication. Ask me for more information.

Brand Strategy 

I use all of the tools mentioned above to create, support and foster beautiful brands. I can also help to assess, evaluate, and analyse brand identity, performance and the strategy of products and services. Furthermore, I can provide expert recommendations and insights into the possibilities of breathing new life into brands.



I have over 20 years of experience in writing and communicating not just effectively, but persuasively. I've even got two master's degrees in propaganda and persuasion and documentary film. I'm originally from Canada and can work in British or American English.

I'm more than 'just' a writer though. The best copy won't make up for a lack of creative idea or a sound marketing concept. You need to be noticed and your work needs to sell - regardless of whether you define that as products purchased or ideas adopted.

I'm the one you come to for the concept, the strategy and the copy to go with it.






I'm available to book online or in person worldwide.


I have bases where I can work/commute from in South East England, South West Germany and in Western France.

I'm also on Zoom, Skype, Teams, Whatsapp and can even be contacted by good ole' fashioned telephone.

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